wmw-servicegraphics1Attract and connect with clients immediately, eliminating the “I have no website” procrastination that keeps you from starting. Ideal for a new business, or for video sales page for a specific business offer. It is a highly effective way to encourage connection with potential clients and with video, your SEO rating will zoom! Did you know that Google indexes the words spoken in videos and places even higher value on them than text on pages?

The two-page Just Do It! Client Attraction Website™ will contain:

Are you saying “Wait, me on video? That scares me.”

Don’t be afraid, truly. If you are concerned about what to say, I’ll give you some guidelines on how to script your video. It’ll be important to keep it at just 1-2 minutes. The point of the video is to give people an opportunity to “meet you”, to hear your voice and get a feel for your energy. This is not going to be a multi-camera setup (though if you have those skills, go for it!) just keep it simple and personal and EASY.

I will be your videographer and cheerleader, if you need a bit of a boost there.  We will find the best lighting possible and I’ll give you all my pro photographer tips on feeling camera-ready, from hair and makeup to clothing and posing.

Where does this opt-in box come from?

It is expected that you have chosen a mailing list system (I recommend MailChimp for newbies) and you have it set up and are ready to accept new people to your desired list. All I need to do is access the embed code to place on your new site. If you do not have a mailing system yet, I can set that up for an additional fee.

What will this Just Do It! Client Attraction Website look like?

If you already have a WordPress site, I will place these two pages as full-width landing pages on your existing site.  A landing page generally does not have a menu/sidebars/footer and often will not have the default header either. A title at the top of the page will inform people what the page is about. The font sizes/colors will match what is on your primary site.

For someone who has no site at all, your client attraction website will have a text header at the top of the page, with your embedded video and embedded optin box below.  If you have a graphical header that is sized appropriately, we can use it as an alternative to the text. You may also add some body text below the video, though I recommend that you maintain a single focus on the page, the focus of getting visitors onto your mailing list.

The Just Do It! Client Attraction Website is $997. Request a free Create Your Vision session by clicking the button below and we’ll discover whether this is just what you need. If you need something bigger or more extensive, I’ll be able to give you a quote on that.

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