Offered new and creative ideas that married form and function beautifully

Samantha St. Julian, PhD

Liz Schneider is most definitely a Wise Woman.  She intuitively understood what I needed and cognitively knew how to bring it into form.  She grasped the aesthetics and sensibilities I wanted for my web site and offered new and creative ideas that married form and function beautifully.  And she did it with a smile!   It was – and still is – a joy to have Liz on my “Tech Team.”  She takes great care to assure my web site is operating correctly – not an easy thing to do in an environment that is always evolving and shifting.  Liz went above and beyond my expectations, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again!

Samantha St. Julian

Samantha St. Julian

Listened to our needs, helped define the outcome we wanted

National Association of Reunion Managers logo

When it was time to update our website for the National Association of Reunion Managers, we were thrilled to partner with Liz on the project.  As a small association of small business owners, none of whom were particularly interested or capable in handling a project of this scope, but all having an opinion, Liz was the person we needed to not only create a fresher, more modern, more interesting website, but to also provide the hand-holding necessary to make it happen.

There were many things I appreciated about working with Liz.  Liz has a gift in taking a complicated subject and explain in easy to understand detail the process through each step.  I always felt I knew the work Liz was doing and why she was doing it.  Her endless suggestions were immensely valuable in guiding our decisions because she took the time to learn about our needs for the website.  More importantly, Liz took the time to learn our business, the messages we wanted to convey, and the audience we wanted to attract.  Liz far exceeded our expectations in how hard she worked on the website, and how much time she devoted to the project.

Liz offered a patient voice, while also providing the gentle push we needed to keep the project moving forward.  Her strategy of taking the work required for this overwhelming to us website update was to break it down into easier, more manageable steps for us to accomplish together.  This provided the space needed for us to work on our portion of the website, such as providing photos and text, and thinking through the user experience, while she ensured the look, style, and functionality of the website were meeting our ultimate goals.

We love our new website!  Her talents in creating websites are easy to recognize based on the work she has provided for past clients.  What you can’t see when visiting our website is how Liz was able to create success throughout the process by listening to our needs, helping us define the outcome we wanted, and then walking with us each step of the way.


Cyndi Clamp, NARM Vice-President

A collaboration of input and ideas, brainstorming

Alison Hyde STL Pro Stretch

Liz has a thorough understanding of all the complexities of building a website- technical wizardry, artistic vision, editing and marketing skills.  Once Liz took me under her wing, I felt extremely supported and part of the decision making every step of the way.  It was a collaboration of input and ideas, brainstorming what makes my services unique and how to convey that to the consumer.  Sometimes I would hand over what seemed to be a jumbled mess of content, and she magically made sense of it.  I wanted a combination of photos, videos, and text which would draw people in at various levels of interest.

I’m so pleased to have a website that not only looks impressive on the outside, but goes deep into detail on the inside.  Highly recommend Web Medicine Woman! – Alison Hyde, Ki-Hara Master Trainer

Alison Hyde

She caught the essence of me

When Liz and I started working together the goal was to develop a website for my fledgling, dream business designing and creating rosaries and jewelry.  It was to be something for a small business that would provide supplemental income in retirement while doing the creative process I love.  Liz is an expert listener. She led me patiently through the myriad tasks associated with starting an online business.  The minutia was overwhelming for me at times, but Liz juggled it all seamlessly.  She did the website design and we worked together easily and creatively.  She always made it so easy for me.

She did the photography for the website. She made me look beautiful. She picked beautiful settings for my pictures and she caught the essence of me and my personality for everyone visiting my website to see. She even performed Reiki on me when I started to feel unwell. Then she got great pictures of the aftermath when I was in  almost a zen-like state.  She took stunning pictures of my jewelry and rosaries.

The result of all her hard work, effort, patience, creativity and dedication is a GORGEOUS website.  I’ve had very highly paid entrepreneurs compliment the beauty of my website.  After completing the website and “going live” Liz trained me to update the site, create marketing materials in Mailchimp, as well as for Facebook and print. She encouraged me unfailingly and made suggestions to improve and build my business.  She has been a Godsend, a facilitator, a trainer, a friend, and a source of neverending encouragement and creative ideas.

My worklife had always been made up of office jobs. I always felt as if I was in bondage to the boss and the paycheck. For the first time in my life that is no longer true!  The result is Freedom!  I feel like Martin Luther King.  “Free at last!  Free at last!  Great God Almighty!  I’m FREE at last!” And Liz facilitated every aspect of it.  Thank you Liz for everything!

Elaine Wright

rare combination of a creative, artistic spirit mixed with technical know-how

Liz has that rare combination of a creative, artistic spirit mixed with technical know-how and an eye for detail. What that meant was that I could trust her with the look of my website, and at the same time if I forgot something or even sent copy that wasn’t formatted correctly, she would catch and fix it. That gave me peace of mind knowing that what if I missed something, she would not.

In addition, she is always up leveling the quality of what I put out. She suggests better design ideas, marketing ideas, widget ideas – all culled from her years of experience in all aspects of an entrepreneurial business. So it’s like getting a design person, a technical person and a business person all in one! Finally, she never assumes you know how to do something. So even though I’m pretty low-tech, she very patiently explained what she was doing and how to do my end of things. It was a joy to work with her.

Carolyn Scarborough

Website consistently draws clients who are a great match

Choosing the right person to create a website is an important decision for any solo entrepreneur. One of the biggest challenges is finding someone who combines technical expertise with an artistic eye as well as an understanding of marketing. Liz really did have the right “web medicine” for my business.

Liz not only crafted a beautiful site that functions well, she also created a custom logo and helped me with rebranding. The new website consistently draws clients who are a great match for the unique services I offer. It could be hard to explain just what will happen when an organization brings me in for leadership training on the “6 Ps of Presence” or “Your Epic story,” or when a client hires me for a full day of Soul Retrieval Coaching. Once people go to my website though, they get it.

That’s exactly what I was hoping for, and Liz made it happen. I am so pleased with the site she created for me.

Kimberly Schneider, M.Ed., JD, LPC

Liz was everything I needed

All I knew about website development before meeting Liz, was that I needed one. As a self proclaimed technophobe, this task of marketing myself with a website and social media presence was a dreaded task. Liz was everything I needed:  she knows it all, from how to manifest design and function from conversations about my needs, to linking all media presence together.

Many of my clients and industry peers have commented on how gorgeous and functional my site is, especially the mobile version. If you need advise about upgrading your site, or building one, you just HAVE to see Liz.

Robin Bach

She feels so connected to the technology necessary

I love working with Liz because she feels so connected to the technology necessary to have a good presence on the web while being grounded in knowledge and serenity.

Working with Liz was like sitting on my front porch drinking a good cup of coffee on a crisp fall morning. She didn’t tell me what to do, she told me how I could use my own imagination and communicate the peace and serenity for my practice. Using the tools and the dashboard sitting side-by-side working one-on-one for just a few sessions really helped me gain the confidence to keep my website up-to-date.

Grant Ellis LPC

A great wealth of information and wisdom

It was a pleasure working with Liz when I started my business. She helped to design my first website and even did a redesign when I was ready to expand my offerings. Her eye for visual aesthetics was a wonderful asset. I can’t tell you how many people commented on how beautiful my website was.

I learned a tremendous amount from Liz, from how to update my own Word Press site to offering an online course. She was a great wealth of information and wisdom and was excellent at explaining things verbally as well as in written form.

Liz is a team player and fun to work with and was a super fit for what I was looking for.

Nancy Mae

It was exciting to see my visions come to life

When I started my business almost three years ago, I had ideas about how I wanted my website to look. Working with Liz made the process easy.  She asked me questions that helped her make the best use of my product and we got rave reviews on the photos.  We recently revamped the site and it looks EXACTLY like I had in my head.  It was exciting to see my visions come to life.  Liz continually monitors my site, supports me less than adequate technical skills and has the BEST availability.  Many times her soothing phone calls have prevented me from bashing my laptop with a hammer.  I could NOT run my business without her!

Benita Crook