Synergia Healing Arts

Dr. Samantha St. Julian came to me as a referral from a long-time client, with several immediate needs. Her site had been hacked and my first order of business was to get the excellent folks at Sucuri to support us with that. An ongoing license with Sucuri keeps her site well-monitored, especially important for any site with a shopping cart.

The previous design was quite old and not mobile-responsive, requiring a new layout and newer imagery to support all the primary device sizes. A shopping cart was created to bring simpler processes to the sales and product delivery process. With physical, digital and live offerings, the shopping cart required quite a bit of customization for product information and shipping choices. Several of the primary products offered have their own informational pages on the site.

Client mailing information was gathered from several offline sources to create a master list on MailChimp, making it easier for Samantha to communicate with interested parties about her live courses.

Dr. St. Julian has contracted with Web Medicine Woman for ongoing site maintenance, including security monitoring and offsite backups.

Offered new and creative ideas that married form and function beautifully

Samantha St. Julian, PhD

Liz Schneider is most definitely a Wise Woman.  She intuitively understood what I needed and cognitively knew how to bring it into form.  She grasped the aesthetics and sensibilities I wanted for my web site and offered new and creative ideas that married form and function beautifully.  And she did it with a smile!   It was – and still is – a joy to have Liz on my “Tech Team.”  She takes great care to assure my web site is operating correctly – not an easy thing to do in an environment that is always evolving and shifting.  Liz went above and beyond my expectations, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again!

Samantha St. Julian

Samantha St. Julian