Sacred Rose Jewelry

Elaine came to me with the idea of creating a simple site to sell the sacred rosaries that she creates. As we worked together, and as she received additional recommendations from her mentor, the project evolved into a full-fledged site with a shopping cart. It was clear that she had only seen the tip of the iceberg of her artistic abilities.  The scope of the project evolved as her vision changed. I provided the portrait and product photography for the site, as well as header design and graphical elements.

The project resulted in a beautiful site that left room for Elaine to grow her business with new product lines. It was important to me to empower Elaine in a way that she felt invested in the site from start to finish. We completed the project with personalized training and an annual maintenance package.

She caught the essence of me

When Liz and I started working together the goal was to develop a website for my fledgling, dream business designing and creating rosaries and jewelry.  It was to be something for a small business that would provide supplemental income in retirement while doing the creative process I love.  Liz is an expert listener. She led me patiently through the myriad tasks associated with starting an online business.  The minutia was overwhelming for me at times, but Liz juggled it all seamlessly.  She did the website design and we worked together easily and creatively.  She always made it so easy for me.

She did the photography for the website. She made me look beautiful. She picked beautiful settings for my pictures and she caught the essence of me and my personality for everyone visiting my website to see. She even performed Reiki on me when I started to feel unwell. Then she got great pictures of the aftermath when I was in  almost a zen-like state.  She took stunning pictures of my jewelry and rosaries.

The result of all her hard work, effort, patience, creativity and dedication is a GORGEOUS website.  I’ve had very highly paid entrepreneurs compliment the beauty of my website.  After completing the website and “going live” Liz trained me to update the site, create marketing materials in Mailchimp, as well as for Facebook and print. She encouraged me unfailingly and made suggestions to improve and build my business.  She has been a Godsend, a facilitator, a trainer, a friend, and a source of neverending encouragement and creative ideas.

My worklife had always been made up of office jobs. I always felt as if I was in bondage to the boss and the paycheck. For the first time in my life that is no longer true!  The result is Freedom!  I feel like Martin Luther King.  “Free at last!  Free at last!  Great God Almighty!  I’m FREE at last!” And Liz facilitated every aspect of it.  Thank you Liz for everything!

Elaine Wright